Saturday, April 28, 2012

Northwest Orient Airlines August 1, 1963

This timetable is back when Northwest was Northwest Orient and flew across the Pacific to Asia and Hawaii. This is one packed 20 page timetable.

As you see by the cover, they were announcing the Boeing Intercontinental 707-320B was joining their fleet. Page two also lists their other aircraft including Boeing 720B fan jets, Douglas DC8's, DC7's, DC6B's and Electra prop jets.

Due to the distance to Asia, all flights went via Anchorage and flights originated in Seattle, Chicago, and New Yorks Idlewild airport (now JFK).

The inside front cover has some great double page graphics of their new 707 and information about the aircraft.

While this was the era of 'railroad' style schedules, Northwest also had some quick reference domestic schedules in the front for popular cities pairs listing flight info, aircraft type, and the type of onboard service.

Some sample fares are New York-Seattle oneway in First class $186.90 or $1401.00 in 2012 dollars. Night coach between Chicago-Milwaukee $8.85 oneway or $66.00 in 2012 dollars.
Wanted to go from New York to Manila roundtrip in coach $1120.00 or are you ready....that's $8396.00 in 2012 dollars.

Overall a nice timetable for the era.

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