Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vanguard Airlines July 15, 1999

This Vanguard airline timetable is a folded double side small schedule. The photos may look like it's a peach color, but it's really a light orange color with black type.

Vanguard covered a mix of cities in the midwest and on the east coach using Chicago/Midway and Kansas City as hubs for a total of ten cities served during their eight years of service. Vanguard leased 737 and MD-80 aircraft.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pacific Cal Air June 13, 1983

Pacific Cal Air was a small airline flying to four cities, three in California and one in Nevada.
Frenso, Oakland, Reno, and Sacramento

The airline was based at the Oakland Airport and also offered charter and freight service.

The timetable is a simple two sided tri-fold design with a route map and general information page.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kiwi Air Lines January 9, 1996

A long gone airline that serviced six cities in this time table. Atlanta, Chicago/Midway, Newark, Orlando, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

This was a very simple two sided tri fold schedule that also shows connection serivce Columbia, SC and Tallahassee, FL to Midway and Newark via Atlanta with Air South.

No route map or service info other then to show what the frequency codes meant.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Qantas The Australian Airline November 1, 1987

As you see Qantas tagged on the Austrlian Airline to the cover graphics on this November 1, 1987 timetable.

This is one of the few remaining international airline timetables I have. I sold most of them and made some good money of them.

Qantas flew the pacific to North America, Zimbabwe in Africa, the South Pacific and via Asia to Europe and the Middle East.

The inside cover had a lot of info regarding how to use their timetable and the codes you would see listed. Their timetable not only included service between their own cities, but to/from cities they did not servce but could offer connections to using other carriers.

Qantas included in the timetable a list of flights by flight number, and the usual listing by cities. Most of their international flights did not operate daily or altered between nonstop on some days and with stops on other days. Aircraft used were in the 747/767 family of models even on domestic flights. That was a lot of seats to fill.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Western Airlines September 10, 1981

This was a special timetable issued after President Reagan fired all air traffic controllers after they went on strike and refused to return to work. All airlines had to reduce their schedules and published revised schedules. This was a small dozen page timetable.

Western was serving the USA/Canada/Mexico/Great Britian with a DC10 Los Angeles-Denver-London/Gatwick flight and a Honolulu-Anchorage-London/Gatwich flight which was to be discontinued October 7, 1981 so doesn't show on the route map.

As noted in the timetable Western had Red flights which were $50 Travel Pass flights. When you flew a Red flight you were given a Travel Pass. Every time you flew a Red flight you received a validation, after five validations the pass was full and you could use it for $50 off any Western ticket to any destination. You could redeen up to 10 travel passes for a total of $500.00 off a ticket.

Some sample one way coach fares:

Los Angeles - Minneapolis $149.00 ($377.00 in 2012 dollars)
Washington DC - Honolulu $497.32 ($1259.00 in 2012 dollars)
San Francisco - Las Vegas $120.00 ($304.00 in 2012 dollars)

Western had First Class, Coach Class, and Economy Class fares.

Western flew DC10's and use bold type to show those flights. Western for years offered themed inflight service called The Islander to Hawaii, The Londoner  USA to London ,  The Champagne Flight London to USA, Fiesta Flights to Mexico, and Pacific Northerner between Alaska and Seattle,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Morris Air December 2, 1993

Morris Air started in the 80's as a charter airline by a woman who owned a travel agency. They later started as a scheduled airline and after a very short life was purchased by Southwest Airlines.

They were based in Salt Lake City and flew in the western USA including Anchorage, Alaska and had charters into Mexico. Besides a base in SLC they ran flights up and down the coast serving a number of cities and a couple of times a week to Orlando.

Being owned by a travel agency, they also offered ski vacation packages.

Charter service was between Salt Lake City and Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

American Airlines June 11, 1981

American airlines was flying 747's back in those days as well as DC10's that showed in the timetable in bold print.

The route map shows the number of cities they were serving in the Caribbean as well as Canada and Mexico cities.

They were still offering cargo service and using 747 freighters for some of the service.