Thursday, June 21, 2012

Qantas The Australian Airline November 1, 1987

As you see Qantas tagged on the Austrlian Airline to the cover graphics on this November 1, 1987 timetable.

This is one of the few remaining international airline timetables I have. I sold most of them and made some good money of them.

Qantas flew the pacific to North America, Zimbabwe in Africa, the South Pacific and via Asia to Europe and the Middle East.

The inside cover had a lot of info regarding how to use their timetable and the codes you would see listed. Their timetable not only included service between their own cities, but to/from cities they did not servce but could offer connections to using other carriers.

Qantas included in the timetable a list of flights by flight number, and the usual listing by cities. Most of their international flights did not operate daily or altered between nonstop on some days and with stops on other days. Aircraft used were in the 747/767 family of models even on domestic flights. That was a lot of seats to fill.

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