Thursday, June 14, 2012

Western Airlines September 10, 1981

This was a special timetable issued after President Reagan fired all air traffic controllers after they went on strike and refused to return to work. All airlines had to reduce their schedules and published revised schedules. This was a small dozen page timetable.

Western was serving the USA/Canada/Mexico/Great Britian with a DC10 Los Angeles-Denver-London/Gatwick flight and a Honolulu-Anchorage-London/Gatwich flight which was to be discontinued October 7, 1981 so doesn't show on the route map.

As noted in the timetable Western had Red flights which were $50 Travel Pass flights. When you flew a Red flight you were given a Travel Pass. Every time you flew a Red flight you received a validation, after five validations the pass was full and you could use it for $50 off any Western ticket to any destination. You could redeen up to 10 travel passes for a total of $500.00 off a ticket.

Some sample one way coach fares:

Los Angeles - Minneapolis $149.00 ($377.00 in 2012 dollars)
Washington DC - Honolulu $497.32 ($1259.00 in 2012 dollars)
San Francisco - Las Vegas $120.00 ($304.00 in 2012 dollars)

Western had First Class, Coach Class, and Economy Class fares.

Western flew DC10's and use bold type to show those flights. Western for years offered themed inflight service called The Islander to Hawaii, The Londoner  USA to London ,  The Champagne Flight London to USA, Fiesta Flights to Mexico, and Pacific Northerner between Alaska and Seattle,

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