Saturday, April 21, 2012

National Airlines June 13, 1978

This is the old National Airlines and not the 'new' National Airlines that started years after the old one was taken over by PanAm.

The original National operated from 1934 to 1980 when it was purchase by PanAm.

This timetable included National international service to London-Heathrow, Paris-Orly, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. National flew DC-10's on these routes from Miami and also had nonstop service between Tampa-Amsterdam which continued on to Frankfurt and a New Orleans-Amsterdam-Frankfurt route. MIA-LHR operated daily, but the other routes were operated on various days.

While National timetables were in alphbetical order by city, the timetables of this era also included what was called railroad schedules as shown in the fourth photo. There charts showed flights top to bottom as they operated by flight number so you go see the arrival/departure times of all the cities a flight number operated.

National was a well liked airline and people were sad to see it disappear and become part of PanAm.


  1. Would love it if you could post images from New Orleans, Tampa and Orlando pages.

  2. My first international flight was with national and man was it good. Since then I have travelled the world, nobody's as good they set the standard