Monday, April 16, 2012

Braniff June 1, 1980

This was actually Braniff International, but they did go by different names over the years. The first Braniff operated from 1930 until May 12, 1982. Braniff in a much smaller form would come back and try and reinvent itself....twice!

Used to love seeing Braniff and all their different colored airplanes. Their timetables were always a different color also. As you can see this one was orange with yellow and white.

When you open the timeable you see their route map showing their domestic service and another showing their flights to Asia, Europe, and South America. While Braniff was known for its Latin America serive, they tried to grow to fast and branched out over the Pacific and Europe.

Asia was serviced via Los Angeles to Seoul, Hong Kong, and Guam. Honolulu was served via Dallas.
They used Boston and Dallas as their gateways to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, and Paris.

This is an 83 page timetable which also showed service to non-Braniff international cities you could connect to.

Braniff used bold type to show which flights were operated by 747's which included all Asia, Europe, Hawaii service and select deep South America flights.

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