Monday, April 16, 2012

TranStar September 15, 1986

TranStar was started by  Marion Lamar Muse as Muse Air. Mister Muse was President of Southwest and started his own airline after stepping down from Southwest.

TranStar flew from California to Florida along the southern part of the USA via Houston/Hobby it's main city. They also used New Orleans as their main stop between Texas and Florida. They flew DC9's and MD80 type aircraft.

The airline would later be purchased and merged into Southwest Airlines.

This timetable included fares which used to be standard in timetables before airlines decided they needed to have about twenty fares in each market.

TranStar also had a membership club in Houston called The Empyrean Club. Kind of unusal for a small airline to have a private club, but they did.

They must have also been connected in Disney World as one page of this timetable was wishing the park a Happy 15th Birthday.

Back in 1986 I interviewed with TranStar at the Los Angeles Intl Airport (Terminal 1). At the time the airline had 15 flights out of Los Angeles. I didn't get the job, but if I had I wonder if I would still be working there after Southwest purchased TranStar.

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  1. I worked for TranStar and it's predecessor Muse Air. Good times!