Monday, April 16, 2012

Swift Aire December 1, 1976

Swift Aire was a California airline flying up and down the coast mainly between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The timetable is dated December 1, 1976 through January 31, 1977 so was mainly for the winter holiday season. Swift Aire started 1969, and  continued service until 1981, when it merged with Golden Gate Airlines.

This is another simple folded timetable and didn't list cities in alphabetical order. Swift Aire flew prop aircraft and was based in San Luis Obispo, California.

The timetable is interesting as it doesn't show schedules or fares between San Francisco, San Jose or Sacramento to Los Angeles. If you check the schedules the flights do go to Los Angeles but don't show it.

The timetable listed fares with a oneway fare of USD15.50 (today that would be USD62.49) between San Francisco and San Jose and USD37.50 (today that would be USD151.18) between the state capital in Sacramento to either Bakersfield or Santa Maria.

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