Monday, April 16, 2012

Continental Airlines January 1, 1982

This is an interesting timetable from Continental Airlines January 1, 1982. It's interesting as the front and back cover are exactly the same. Not sure why, and it does seem like a waste of prime advertising space to promote something for the carrier.

They also put a route map at the bottom of the next to the last page which seems an odd place to put it. A route map seems like something you would want people to see, and they almost hide it.

CO used a 'Star' to highlight which of the flights were operated by DC10's, which they used mostly to/from Hawaii and the South Pacific.

This timetable shows they had branched out to the east coast, six cities in Mexico, Fiji, American Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia. They were already flying their Hawaii to Micronesia serve.

Yes, this is the back cover which is the same as the front cover.

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