Thursday, May 17, 2012

United Airlines March 15, 1969

Fly the friendly skies of United as the cover says with this very red, white and blue timetable.

The cover has a notation that schedules between Honolulu and interior domestic cities is subject to CAB aproval. This is the era when airlines needed to get authority to fly a route and for the fares that were charged. The timetable even lists which cities United can not take local traffic between, which includes Hilo and Honolulu, Chicago and Kansas City, Denver and Kansas City, and San Francisco and San Jose, CA.

A nice route map showing some of their main routes and a special nonstop transcon service map.

United used eight types of aircraft as shown on the reference page. Caravelle, 737,727, Super 727, 720, DC8, Super DC8, and DC8-Freighter.

The flight schedule is in the old 'railroad' style of listing the full flight by number and the cities/times that flight number covered. Flights were grouped by geographical areas and directions. Their Hawaii schedules notes that food service is not available on economy coach, interesting how all these years later, the airlines are back to not serving food.

The back of the timetable lists the locations of all their ticket offices and  phone numbers. There is also a page explaining the type of fares they offered.

Also listed is something that would not fly today, and that is what they list as an 'extra fare'. What's an extra cost, United's Men Only 'Executive" flights between Chicago and New York or Newark have an extra fare of $3.00 plus tax for special services.

Yes that is correct they had a 'Men's Only' service called the New York Executive service which says Men Only. There was a flight leaving Chicago at 5pm arriving in Neward at 755pm on a Caravelle. The flight did not operate on Saturdays. Now what exactly where those female Stewardesses doing to those men only flyers that cost an extra $3.00?

Some sample one way fares are:
Los Angeles - New York
First class - $163.00 (in 2012 dollars that would be $1019.00)
Coach - $145.00 (in 2012 dollars $906.00)

Los Angeles - San Francisco
First - $28.45 (in 2012 dollars $178.00)
Economy Comuter fare - $13.50 (in 2012 dollars $84.00)

Chicago - New York/Newark
First - $56.00 (in 2012 dollars $350.00)
Coach - $45.00 (in 2012 dollars $281.00)
and remember that Men's Only flight was $3.00 more or in 2012 dollars $19.00

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