Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pacific Express January 3, 1983

Pacific Express flew mainly in California with service to Boise, Idaho and Medford and Portland, Oregon and flew BAC-111 aircraft.

The route map is a combined map for Pacific Express and WestAir, but the only WestAir service shown in the timetable is between Chico and San Francisco, and Fresno and San Jose.

Pacific Express lasted a couple of years and would go on to have a marketing agreement with PanAm.

Some sample fares from the timetable are:

Los Angeles-San Francisco $77.00 oneway ($177.00 in 2012 dollars)

Oakland-Portland $117.00 o/w ($269.00 in 2012 dollars)

Palm Springs-Boise $151.00 o/w ($348.00 in 2012 dollars)

As you see Pacific Express offered continental breakfast to all passengers on flights before 9am.

The map of their locations at Los Angeles and San Francisco airports is interesting and shows the history of the airline business as most airlines listed are no longer around.

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