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TWA - Trans World Airlines September 25, 1955

A nice graphic red, white, and blue cover cover on this timetable. As shown on the lower right, TWA was celebrating 30 years of service in 1955.

TWA was annoucing new Sky-Tourist flights and a one way coast-to-coast cost of $80.00 each way with a roundtrip purchase.

While flying coast-to-coast, most of their routes at this time were in the upper midwest to the upper east coast. International flights across the Atlantic were to major European cities, North Africa, the Middle East, to India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

This era of timetable were in the 'railroad' style which was hard to see flight between two cities, so major cities were sectioned out for easy reference.

New Sky-Tourist routes were marked with all other flights being all single first class service.

Aircraft flown during this period were:

Super G Constellation
Super Constellation
Martin Skyliner
DC-4 Skymaster
Super Convair

Symbols were used on each route so you knew which type aircraft you would be on. International and Domestic flights were also marked so you knew which flights had Berths available.

TWA also had through plane service with Delta and Braniff to the south and into Texas. Also domestic and internationl cargo flights were offered.

There is even an ad for Gruen Watches which as stated was the official watch of Trans World Airlines.

The back cover has a stamp showing that this timetable came from the Palmer House city ticket office in Chicago which was open 9:30am-6:00pm Mon thru Fri.

Some sample fares are:

Los Angeles/San Francisco - New York
First Class one way $158.85 ($1360.00 in 2012 dollars)
on top of the $158.85 a lower berth was $70.00 and upper berth $35.00

Boston - Chicago
First class one way $53.80 ($461.00 in 2012 dollars)
Tourist one way $40.00 ($342.00 in 2012 dollars)

Los Angeles - Colombo, Ceylon
First class one way year round $1973.00 ($16,888.00 in 2012 dollars)
Tourist one way year round $786.60 ($6,733.00 in 2012 dollars)

New York - London
First class one way year round $400.00 ($3,424.00 in 2012 dollars)
Tourist one way year round $290.00 ($2,482.00 in 2012 dollars)

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