Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pan Am Spring & Summer 1977

While the cover says this is the Spring & Summer 1977 timetable, the inside cover show it is effective April 24, 1977 and shows calendars for May-September. Interesting how they  put seasons on the cover and a actual date on the inside.

The front and back covers look almost alike, but when open and looked at together show part of the work logo.

A nice double page map in the middle of the timetable showing their routes which covered the globe.

Aircraft they flew in this timetable were 727,707, and 747's. Pan Am during this area only flew international routes with very little domestic US connecting flights. But they did fly a lot of point to point routes within Europe and even a a big domestic German operation with a hub in Berlin.

Besides an alphabetical listing of routes, Pan Am during this era was one of a few airlines that also listed a schedule in the back by flight number showing full routing per flight number and elapsed time for each flight.

Also showing in the timetable are cargo flights Pan Am flew. Some of the cargo cities were not flown as regular passenger service.

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